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Guitarists for Good is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization that shares its love of music by giving the gift of guitars, with a focus on those places serving the temporarily homeless in our communities. We find that the healing power of music offers peace of mind, the ability to cope with struggles, and comfort during a shelter stay.

To share the comfort of music

Our Mission

To share the comfort of music

Our Mission

Our Vision

Guitarists for Good shares its love of music by giving the gift of guitars, with a focus on those places serving the temporarily homeless in our communities. We find that the healing power of music offers peace of mind, the ability to cope with struggles, and comfort during a shelter stay.

Meet The Board

Sandy Green

After her daughter Amy and granddaughter, Silja Mae moved away in 2015, Sandy decided to try to keep the sadness at bay by trying her hand at guitar. A few months later, with a few chords under her belt, she was introduced to Wayne’s guitar Meetup community and was immediately met with love and acceptance. One month later, she picked the name Guitarists for Good and started talking about the good we guitarists could accomplish — together. A visit on Valentine's Day, 2016, to see her little sister with Big Brother’s Big Sisters (who was staying at a Raleigh teen homeless shelter), was the turning point.


She learned that they had no instruments and decided to find some. She invited her new guitar community over for the first Kampfire Karaoke group jam — led by former board member- Wayne Mills, and by the end of that night 5 guitars and several hundred dollars were pledged. Guitarists for Good was a thing. Sandy is the Event Manager at Local Government Federal Credit Union, in Raleigh.


Meanwhile, back in Kansas, her daughter Amy and granddaughter Silja Mae — who serves Guitarists for Good as an honorary Youth Ambassador, make sure Gigi maintains her cool factor.  Sandy was born in Kansas, moved to NC in 2006, and has been singing since she was born.

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Nelson Gay

Nelson grew up in Floyd, VA; a small town nestled in SW VA, home of the famous Friday Night Jamboree and where Nelson learned his love for music.  After college at Radford University Nelson moved to Charlotte and began his finance career, now 18 years later, he’s back in North Carolina, living in Cary and working as a Director of Finance for Advance Auto Parts.  Having lived in places like Charlotte, Baltimore, Northern California, and Miami Nelson has seen all types of culture and local music scenes; looking to put down roots and make a home Nelson has joined the board of directors for Guitarist for Good. Fondly called N G-Money by GfG staff, his favorite songs include: Money, Take the Money and Run, and Can’t Buy Me Love.

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Chase Mikael

Chase spent his childhood in Colorado, California and Kauai, before eventually settling in North Carolina.  He has fond memories of always being surrounded by music as a child, especially watching and hearing his grandfather and uncle play the guitar.  He and his family are survivors of Domestic Violence, during which he not only saw and experienced shelter-life first hand, but also the healing and therapeutic effects of music.  He found in music the ultimate escape, the ultimate therapy, and he understands the importance of sharing that gift with those who might not otherwise have that opportunity.  


He went on to attend NC State University and currently lives in the Raleigh area. He loves the beach and Bo-Berry biscuits; French Fries are his favorite food.

Harry Tueting

Harry, knows that many times at the heart of good things is music. It excites and calms, inspires, brings joy, and soothes sadness.  Harry opened Harry’s Guitar Shop in Raleigh in 1985. At the time, Dorothea Dix Hospital served mentally challenged patients, many of whom were homeless. Periodically they would be released from the hospital and find their way to the guitar shop.


It was obvious that music was important to these men, and that having a moment to sit, and play seemed to help them. The hospital has been closed for years, but the memory of how making music helped those men be happy for a while lingers still.  When GFG started its work, making guitars available to shelters and giving their residents a chance to make music, it seemed like the right thing to do to be involved.  Harry graduated from UNC in Folklore, is an avid musician, woodworker, and golfer. 

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Mark Scheuerlein

Mark has been a Raleigh resident since coming to NC State in the 80s.  Mark's love for music started early as one of his prized toys as a toddler was a plastic guitar.  Mark discovered Raleigh venues like the Fallout Shelter and The Brewery where he discovered that his skills were better suited to the mixing board than the guitar.  Mark is a fan of all genres of music from sub-Saharan rock to Tuvan throat-singing, and conversations with him are often filled with snippets from song lyrics. 


He helped Sandy learn her first few chords when she was first inspired to learn to play guitar, so in some ways perhaps he's the grandfather of GfG...or maybe more it's weird uncle.  As an Eagle Scout, Mark learned early on the power of community involvement and service and continues that tradition of community service through Guitarists for Good.

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Brian Jones

Brian Jones is a Raleigh, NC open mic host and a dedicated board member of the Guitarists for Good. Born in Greenville, NC and raised in Raleigh, he has deep roots in the community and is passionate about serving and enriching the lives of its residents. With his versatile musical talents, Brian is a skilled guitarist, bassist, and a captivating singer.


Brian's love for music was nurtured by his father, who instilled in him a deep appreciation for classic rock, transcending the grunge era of his high school days. This upbringing not only shaped his musical taste but also emphasized the importance of being a good person, both on and off the stage.


Adding a touch of charm to his performances, Brian's loyal companion, Willie Nelson, his beloved dog, shares his love for music. In the early days of Brian's open mic journey, Willie Nelson could often be heard joining in the music with his enthusiastic barks, creating a unique and memorable experience for everyone present.


Through his talent, dedication, and commitment to community service, Brian Jones continues to make a positive impact in Raleigh's music scene while embodying the values of harmony, artistic expression, and the power of being a good man.

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