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Guitar Donation Application

At Guitarists for Good, our mission is to provide support to homeless shelters and qualified nonprofits by donating guitars. If your organization is chosen, your instrument will serve as a house guitar and become the property of your organization.

To be considered please submit the following:

Thanks for submitting!

After you have submitted the grant request, you will be contacted by a representative of Guitarists For Good via email within a week. If chosen, we will require a photo and a letter of receipt upon delivery.

We will post your essay along with the photo on our social media channels, and other public areas.

As for the photo, we understand the importance of maintaining the anonymity of the individuals you serve, so feel free to capture a photo with staff holding the guitars, or a shot of the guitars by your organization’s sign. If you have people in your photo, have fun with it! Be the rockstars! 


  • Up to 50 instruments may be given each quarter.

  • Applicants must meet eligibility criteria

    • You must be a 501 C3 organization.

  • Your application is not a guarantee.

To assist your musicians, we’ve produced a collection of online recorded lessons available here: 

Guitarists for Good Lessons (by Wayne)

Guitarists for Good Lessons (by Wayne)

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